List of Mobile Phones with Built-in Projector Available in India

Mobile phone projector

We are quite not sure if one can say phones are for basic texting and calling anymore. At least not in this era of smartphones when mobile OS war is on and raging. Gone are the days when phone were used for voice calls alone. With advancements in technology we are now dealing phones capable of HD video recording, high-speed data transfer, Video calls, GPS navigation etc. Technology is advancing and it rocks. With recent Mozilla labs future concept phone video footage we very well know things are on right track and future is promising. You won’t have to wait long as we can already see movement here in India. Local market players are counting on and introducing mobile phones with added technology feature like pico-projector.

Mozilla Seabird phone

Here are the mobile phones available in Indian market with built-in projector that allows you to project videos to wall or a big screen. Grab one of these handsets, sit back and enjoy movies.

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1. Intex V Show

Intex V Show, Java based smartphone from Intex Technologies sports a pico projector capable of projecting photos and videos up to 61 inches. With a 10 lumens QWVGA resolution Intex V show can continuously beam multimedia to a big screen or even wall up to 12 feet. You don’t have to worry about the backup as it can continuously play videos for 3 hours which is cool considering the fact that almost all movies will be under 3 hours. Other features include a 3.2 inches dust resistant touch screen display, Dual-SIM (GSM+GSM), FM Radio, GPRS, Dual Camera, 64 MB internal memory, dual card memory slot of 8 GB expandable memory etc.

Price- Rs.16,000 INR approx

Intex Vshow Projector Phone

2. Techberry ST 200

The Techberry ST 200 a Java based phone from Techberry mobiles includes a small projector on board that can project high-resolution photos and videos to any surface. The battery life is pretty descent which can hold long for both continuous video projection and push mail. Also includes features like analog TV, recordable FM radio, Dual SIM, Dual Camera, Video conferencing etc. Supports all major audio and video codec’s like MP3, MP4, 3 GP etc. The Techberry ST 200 also supports connectivity options like Bluetooth 2.0V A2DP, GPRS, WAP, MMS, and Wi-Fi.

Price- Rs. 12,000 INR approx

Techberry ST 200 Mobile projector

3. VOX Q8

VOX Q8 is a java based dual SIM projector phone available in India. The VOX Q8 phone includes an embedded pico projector chip on board that can project mobile multimedia content including video and TV to a big screen. With a 850 mAh battery you can expect a better battery life even with continuous video projection. Also features a 2.2 Touch Screen with Camera and Video Recording. On the connectivity side it supports GPRS, WAP, Bluetooth. VOX Q8 sports a Built in TV that can receive TV signals directly.

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Price- Rs. 13,000 INR approx

VOX-Q8 Projector Phone

Aware of any other mobile phone with projector available in India? Let us know via comments.

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