MuteTab- Chrome Extension to Manage Sound Coming From Tabs 2020

Chrome Mute

Google Chrome browser market share is fast improving as more users switch to Chrome from other browsers. The Google ad campaign promising a faster browsing and rich experience when on Chrome is working for them. Google Chrome is definitely the fastest among browsers and the ever-growing extensions store is a major advantage. In fact browser add-ons enhance browsing experience and take it to the next level. Talking about Chrome extensions there are extensions available for almost all purposes but some useful extensions go unnoticed. Chrome extension that can stop the annoying audio being played in background when many browser tabs are open which otherwise is difficult to figure out and mute.

MuteTab is a Chrome browser extension that lets you manage the sound coming from open tabs. No matter how many tabs are open MuteTab can intelligently point out the tabs where audio is being played. And the best part is you can mute, unmute, restore each tab sounds individually or in one shot.

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How does MuteTab extension work

All sounds in modern browsers such as Chrome are made by plug-ins such as Flash, Silverlight, QuickTime, etc. (expressed in HTML as <object> or <embed>), Java applets (<applet>), or HTML5 audio/video (<audio><video>). The extension scans open webpages for these tags.

Hitting the MuteTab icon on tab pops up an interface from where you can find the browser wide sound management options. There are three different mute options namely Mute, Mute (Safe) and Mute (Unsafe). Mute sets the sound volume to zero and let it play in background. Mute (Safe) option try to pause audio and then try to mute whereas Mute (Unsafe) try to hide a sound source from the page if mute and pause fails.

Mute tab chrome 2020 is very useful when you have many tabs open and all of a sudden is some annoying video or audio starts playing in one of the tabs. Also if you restore browser after reboot or crash MuteTab can save time by not searching for the audio source to mute quickly.

MuteTab- Chrome Extension

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MuteTab Chrome Options

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