Ninesky vs Boat- New Chrome Like Feature Rich Browsers for Android Phones

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The stock browser on Android OS does a pretty good job in rendering web pages. Then there are other popular browsers like Opera, Dolphin, Skyfire and Firefox Fennec from some of the big players in web browser space. While all these apps are unique in its look and the features they provide, there is a new breed of mobile browsers that ports the Google Chrome browser looks and feel. The very same multiple tab browsing experience on your handheld device. And all these when Google already announced that they are working on a Webkit based Chromium port for Android phones.

Meet Ninesky and Boat, two new Chrome like free browsers for Android OS. These are webkit based browsers that supports flash and allows tabbed browsing. Both the browsers include features you would see on many other apps mentioned above, but unique in its style and looks. Lets get down to finer details of Ninesky and Boat browsers.

Ninesky Browser

Ninesky, a webkit based browser supports both HTML5 and flash. That means you get a seamless video streaming experience on Ninesky browser. Being a webkit based browser you get an Apple Safari and Google Chrome like efficient output. With Chrome like tabbed browsing experience with multi-touch pinch Zoom and full screen mode support, Ninesky browser won’t let you down.

When you launch the app you are greeted with a home page dashboard which again includes a three screens that can be switched by swiping left and right. The first screen contains shortcuts to features like Extensions, Bookmarks, Downloads, History and Reading list. While the extensions are quite not ready, reading lists imparts Safari iOS like experience. Moving on to the next home screen you can find bookmarked sites thumbnails and most visited site links below it. There is one more screen that recommends popular websites to stay updated.

Ninesky browser menu is the place from where you can change settings, manage bookmarks, read lists and use tools available. The tabs namely General, Setting and Tool sports feature rich browser add-ons. Under General you will find option to go full screen, add bookmarks and add pages to Read it later service. Settings tab include low-carbon mode, night mode, privacy settings etc. whereas the last tools tab includes share page option to share pages on social networking sites, SMS, email. Also supports User Agent (Android, iPhone, iPad, Desktop Chrome, Firefox), On/Off flash, extensive security scanner.

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Ninesky Android Home
Ninesky Android Settings Tools
Ninesky Android Tab Thumbnails

Boat Browser

Boat Browser is a another Google Chrome like fast and powerful Android web browser that supports HTML5 and flash. Like what we saw on Ninesky browser, Boat features multi-tab browsing, Multi-touch pinch zoom, full screen mode etc. While many of the features are common for both these browsers, Boat includes some unique features like Screenshot, volume key control setting for switching tabs, scrolling up/down page, zooming page and native Gingerbread style copy/paste.

Immediately when you launch the app the home page featuring most visited websites with thumbnails pops up. The Search bar in Boat browser is more intuitive as it allows easy switching between search engines. Also auto completes search queries hence super charging user experience. Hitting the icon towards right below the app leads to a pop up from where you take browser screenshot and disable multi-tab feature. The browser settings and tools can be accessed by hitting menu on Android phone. Under the menu you will find a download manager, Themes, Search, History, Night Mode etc.

Bookmarks manager in Boat browser supports new folder, dragging, batch delete, import, export and sync with stock browser bookmarks. Boat browser supports App and cache to SD function which is useful if your phone is running out of internal memory.

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Boat Browser Android Tabs
Boat Browser Android Settings
Boat Android Switch Tab

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