Omnimo 4- Rainmeter Windows 8 Skin for Windows 7

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Microsoft President Steven Sinofsky recently unveiled Windows 8 features in a video. We witnessed a completely revamped interface introducing the Windows Phone 7 Metro looks everywhere. Now that the future OS details are available theme developers are excited to port Windows 8 theme to the current Windows 7 OS. Here is the first major Windows 8 theme release in the form Rainmeter skin for Windows 7( best Windows 8 theme for window 7).

Windows 8 Skin for Windows 7- Omnimo 4 is a skin for Rainmeter, a desktop customization platform that features tools that can display various information on desktop. Ominimo brings forth the Windows 8 tablet UI along with immersive interface. Once after installing Omnimo 4 over Rainmeter pack you can select Windows Phone 7 or Windows 8 skin accordingly. For Omnimo 4 to work on Windows 7 you should have Rainmeter 2.0 or higher installed.

Steps to install Omnimo 4 Windows 8 Rainmeter skin on Windows 7:

1. Download and install Rainmeter. Skip if you already have it.

Rainmeter Setup

2. Download Omnimo 4 pack from here.

3. Unpack and double-click the Setup.rmskin file.

4. Go through the intro for details. Select either the traditional WP7 layout, or the new Windows 8.

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Omnimo Windows 8 Theme

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