Qrencode- Generate QR Codes in Ubuntu via Command Line

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QR codes (Quick Response) are very popular these days. All thanks to the Android community using QR codes to install apps quickly. QR Codes are basically 2D barcodes capable of storing information be it text, URL, Geo-location, vCard etc. QR codes turn worthy when you have to send something like a WEP key or any other encrypted text data that is usually hard to remember being too long to another mobile device.

Qrencode is a QR code generator that lets you create 2D barcode from Terminal interface via command line. After installing Qrencode in Ubuntu linux, you can punch in commands to create two-dimensional codes each time. The encoded information can then be decoded using barcode scanner app running on your mobile phone. If it is a plain text then your phone clipboard will hold it. Map links or search links will automatically open respective apps on phone and then search.

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Steps to generate QR codes in Ubuntu via Command line :

1. Install ‘qrencode‘ from the Ubuntu Software Center or via command line from Terminal,

$ sudo apt-get install qrencode

2. Create QR codes using the Terminal and the following command format,

qrencode -o [filename.png] ‘[text/url/information to encode]‘

3. To create a link to the Google homepage with the output file called ‘google.png’ in home folder run,

qrencode -o google.png 'http://google.com'

4. If you want to increase the size of QR code generated use the ‘-s‘ argument where the value of ‘-s‘ will generate ‘sxs’ image.

qrencode -o ~/Desktop/google.png -s 6 'http://google.com'

The above command will generate 6×6 square QR code. Happy QR coding!

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