Scheduling Tweets in TweetDeck for Desktops 2020

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TweetDeck is the most famous and commonly used twitter client for desktops. The reason being it’s  rich features and user friendliness. You can also be Scheduling Tweets in TweetDeck for Desktops.This app running on Adobe air gets updated often to blend with the latest offerings in social media. The latest feature additions like scheduled tweets, Foursquare, Google Buzz etc   makes it more powerful and THE best in market now.

The new scheduled tweets feature is very useful for a power tweeter who want to feed followers with content round the clock. So, how to schedule tweets in TweetDeck? We have the answer :)

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Steps to scheduling tweets in TweetDeck for desktops :

Follow the given steps to scheduling tweets in TweetDeck properly:

1) Download and install TweetDeck for Desktop. Setup your accounts by going to settings page.

Scheduling Tweets in TweetDeck
Scheduling Tweets in TweetDeck for desktop

2) Now enter the tweet you wish to schedule and then click  timer icon to the left of the user interface.

tweeks in tweekdeck

3) Enter the required date and time. Now click Set time. Next click Send in order to queue the tweet in scheduled tweets pool.

TweetDeck Desktop scheduled timer 1

How to manage scheduled tweets:

Click the ‘+’  icon on the top of  tweet space to open the options page and click Scheduled updates to see all the tweets in queue.

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TweetDeck scheduled timer

You will notice all the tweets scheduled in a separate opened column.

TweetDeck scheduled tweets column

Inorder to cancel tweets just click the cancel icon above the profile image.

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