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The latest Firefox 4 browser sports a minimal look like what we have on Google Chrome. With Awesome (Address) bar and Search bar present on top of the browser while lacking Title bar it brings forth a new experience to Firefox 4. Both Address bar and Search bar can be used to search the web. While you can change Firefox 4 homepage and Search bar default search  engine it is not possible to change Address bar search engine as such. For that you will have to tweak about:config page manually.

Hit Firefox 4 about:config page and modify keyword.URL string value. This tweak can be used to set Bing, Yahoo!, Google or Blekko as default Address bar search engine. Go ahead and follow the steps below to set your favorite search engine as Firefox 4 Address bar default one.

Steps to set Google or Yahoo! as Firefox 4 default search engine:

1. Type “about:config” in Firefox 4 Address bar and hit enter.

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Firefox 4 about config

2.In Filter search for “keyword.URL“. Right-click on keyword.URL Preference Name and click “Modify”.

FF4 About Config

3. Now add Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search URL in the box and hit “Ok”.

  • For Google:
  • For Bing:
  • For Yahoo:
  • For Blekko:
  • For DuckDuckGo:

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Firefox 4 Google Search

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