Should You Have a Voice Changer for Online Poker?

July 28, 2021 By Ankish

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Voice changers can be both fun and handy in gaming. This is particularly true given just how many prominent games now involve voice chat (or at least give players the option). This has been a regular feature in PC games and with some Xbox and PlayStation titles for a while now. Increasingly however, there are even mobile game and Nintendo titles that support voice chat. Social interaction appears to be a concrete part of the future of gaming, and wherever that includes actual vocal chatting, a voice changer can be an interesting option.

Where we don’t talk about all of this as much, however, is in online poker. We tend to think of internet poker players as being stoic and silent — perhaps wearing headsets, but usually only to block out interruptions and focus on the game. There are some instances in which players engage in voice chat, however, and with the activity becoming more popular in gaming in general, we’re asking: Should you have a voice changer to play online poker?

On the one hand, it might not be necessary. While it’s true that there are some instances in which online poker players communicate via headset, most poker sites and apps keep social interaction to text. It’s quite common for players to be able to communicate in chat windows and via messages. But one simply doesn’t see as many sites that support voice chat to begin with, which naturally renders the voice changer question obsolete.

Additionally, where there is an opportunity to communicate vocally with other players, there may be benefits to being yourself, so to speak — as opposed to changing your voice. A guide on how to win at poker makes the interesting point that networking can actually be helpful. By connecting with other players, you can share questions and feedback, and ultimately improve your game. Naturally, this is a little more difficult to do if you’re using a silly or altered voice to communicate with others!

On the other hand though, there are some interesting reasons to explore the voice changer option if you’re playing online poker where vocal communication is an option. First among these reasons is that deception is part of the game! A few years ago, a piece on poker psychology went as far as to label the strategic deception in the online game Mahiavellian. That might be a little dramatic, but the point is taken: Players regularly and intentionally deceive one another, and a voice changer can be helpful in this regard, in that it can mask your tone and make you harder to read.

Meanwhile, on a less serious note, you can also use a voice changer simply to have some fun in a social online poker situation. As we noted to start our article on the best Fortnite voice changers, these fun little tools can even give you the option of sounding like a cartoon character. Yes, that’s a little goofier than the average online poker game tends to be. But that doesn’t mean you can’t play around with it and see how it goes!

There’s no right or wrong answer regarding voice changers and online poker in the end. There are some pros and cons to consider, and ultimately it just comes down to what kind of experience you want to have and where online you’re playing.

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