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SIteMemory Evernote

Evernote the famous bookmarking service has something new to offer now. The new tool named SiteMemory is a blog/ website button that simplifies the job of saving pages. You can later on access all those saved pages from your computer, phone or the web interface which Evernote provides for free.

With a click, your blog visitors can save posts and pages into Evernote. The saved pages gets neatly arranged in their Evernote account. The way Evernote clips should be saved, the place etc can be specified. Another notable feature worth mentioning is when your visitor  click on the Site Memory button it displays everything that they have ever clipped from your domain.

Using SiteMemory you control what your visitors are able to clip and how those clips appear in Evernote :

  • Specify the region of the page that is clipped
  • Specify the URL that will be associated with the clip
  • Suggest a destination notebook (a new one can be created)
  • Suggest a title for the clip
  • Suggest tags that the reader can associate with the clip

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Evernote SiteMemory

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