Stay Online in Gtalk & Other IM Without Internet Connection

IM Without Internet

There are many mobile social messenger apps available combining instant messaging and VoIP services. These apps integrate IM services like Gtalk, AIM, Facebook Chat, Yahoo! and Windows Live Messenger etc. and lets users communicate all from within a single app. The popular apps up front supporting multiple IM services include Nimbuzz, eBuddy and Fring. In all these apps once after login you can add multiple IM accounts to it and start chatting with online friends.

Talking about these apps eBuddy and Nimbuzz makes use of what is known as “Push Notifications” technology which is extremely useful on a mobile device. Apple iDevices including iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad counts on this technology to push alerts, messages etc to the end-user.

Push technology, server push, describes a style of Internet-based communication where the request for a given transaction is initiated by the publisher or central server.

With Push Notifications enabled you get real-time alerts when friends ping on IM apps or status update alert notifications on app like Facebook. Now lets come to the point and discuss how this can be used in another useful way. Both eBuddy and Nimbuzz for iOS, Android, Symbian lets you stay online (pretend) at the expense of their servers and automatically push notifications you got while offline (fact) to mobile devices. This feature can be enabled and disabled from app settings. Lets go ahead and check out how to do it.

Stay online in Gtalk, AIM, Yahoo & Windows Messenger without internet using eBuddy:

With eBuddy iPhone, Android or Symbian app you can stay online for upto 12+ hours at the expense or eBuddy servers even when you are offline. eBuddy servers push notifications when you go online later. With eBuddy Pro you can stay online up to 1 week. eBuddy also includes auto-reply option that can reply back to friends with a predefined status update.

1. Download and install eBuddy on iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad), Android or Symbian phone.

2. Create an account with eBuddy by launching the app. Skip this step if you have already got an account.

3. Login and add IM accounts to eBuddy. Go to “Accounts” tab below the app and hit ‘+’ button on top to add Yahoo!, MSN, AIM, Gtalk, Facebook or other IM networks to eBuddy.

4. Now click on “Settings” tab below the app and the set “Sign out” to 15, 1, 12 hours or maximum according to your requirement. Maximum lets you stay online for 12+ hours.

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Stay online in Gtalk, AIM, Yahoo & Windows Messenger without internet using Nimbuzz :

Nimbuzz app available for iOS ( iPhone, iPod Touch), Android and Symbian lets you stay online upto 4 hours. With push notifications enabled you can stay online even without active internet connection. After enabling notifications and choosing time, logout from Nimbuzz account to continue staying online.

1. Download and install Nimbuzz app for iOS devices, Android or Symbian phones.

2. Create an account with Nimbuzz and login.

3. Go to “Settings” and click “Accounts”. Now add multiple IM accounts or the ones required.

4. Go back to “Settings” interface and hit “Push Notifications” and slide to switch on. Now under “Sign out from IM Accounts” select After 30 minutes, 1, 2 or 4 hours.

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