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Without doubt Gmail is one of the most successful and popular Google product till date. For many it has been their primary means to stay in touch with friends and relatives. The very dynamic development team behind Gmail kept on adding features that made email experience on Gmail worthwhile. Though feature rich, Gmail as an email service can be made more productive by using few third-party add-ons for your Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser.

Third party applications can be standalone programs or they can be small plugins that add functionality to an existing parent program.

Here is a list Chrome and Firefox extensions/ Add-ons that can improve productivity and make Gmail experience more fun. None of these plugins are available in Chrome extensions store or Firefox add-ons store. You can download and install it from respective websites.

1. Schedule mails using Boomerang for Gmail

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Boomerang is browser extension available for Chrome browser that lets you schedule to send and receive emails. Boomerang for Gmail beautifully resides in Gmail interface as if it was a native Gmail feature. Once after installing and giving access to your Gmail account you can then schedule Gmail messages to send at a later time. This is helpful for greeting your friends on their birthday eve or on a special occasion by scheduling mails.

Using Boomerang you can set time, date or even send email messages at a random time. You can even resend a message after a certain amount of wait time and if you don’t get a reply for your message. Boomerang for Gmail also includes a feature which can schedule an incoming message. Specify time and date to have an email message to hit your inbox again.

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Boomerang Gmail
Boomerang Gmail

2. Replace Gmail Ads with contact info using Rapportive

Rapportive for Gmail can remove the sidebar ads in Gmail and replace it with super productive user contact details. Rapportive fetches the senders social media presence via email and neatly displays it on sidebar. It includes user profile pic, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn network ID’s. Read our review here.

Rapportive can also integrate rapplet services like Crunchbase, Mixcloud, Mailchimp etc to sidebar. So you can get company info etc right from inside Gmail using Cruchbase database and pull Mixcloud activity associated with the sender.

Rapportive Gmail Extension

3. Super fast search using Cloudmagic for Gmail


Cloudmagic for Gmail is a browser add-on that can index all your messages in Gmail account to provide a super fast alternative to native search feature. After installing and providing your Gmail credentials Cloudmagic indexes and locally caches all your Gmail messages. You just need to type in the search box on the top to retrieve contacts or Gmail messages from archive in matter of seconds.

Cloudmagic also lets you preview messages while you search and hover mouse over the results. Cloudmagic for Gmail can handle multiple accounts without a security or privacy breach by keeping authentication details and mails in your hard-disk.

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CloudMagic Gmail Search

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