UberSocial- Free Twitter App with Cool Features for iPhone & iPod Touch

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UberSocial on iPhone 4

Just when we thought Twitter apps for iOS platform reached a saturation level with no more feature expectations, yet another iPhone app is here. The all new UberSocial Twitter app for iOS has been released.

UberSocial is free Twitter client which is both feature rich and refreshing. With UberSocial you just need to slide down to tweet. The app lets you navigate through easily with a menu button that displays all Twitter features in a single vertical row. On the right side you will see a compose button which when clicked slides down with cool sliding effect. Updating your timeline and scrolling up or down can’t get more easier. Unlike official Twitter iPhone app which require you to scroll up for refreshing timeline in UberSocial you press a refresh button top to refresh. Also to navigate to top and bottom most tweets you can hit the two buttons placed on both sides of the refresh button.

UberSocial Nav buttons

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The UberSocial app for iPhone also includes features like Filters, Lists, Trends etc with each feature having a unique style and elegance. Easy navigation with better use of screen space is what defines UberSocial. Too good to be free. Note that this app will work only on iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 4.0 onwards.

UberSocial Top Tweets
UberSocial iPhone

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