USB Electronic Business Card for Geekiest Technology Nerds

Geeky USB Business Card

The business cards are still the best way to share your contacts and stay in touch. Though software ways of doing the same exists nothing can beat the printed physical cards that is likely to stay in our wallets for long. With thousands of card designs and ideas available standing out from the crowd with a unique design is a tough job. Listen, are you a geek who is obsessed with electronic gadgets and things digital. This might sound wonderful. Frank Zhao, has designed a USB business card for geeks which stores user info on an embedded chip.

This USB business card consists of a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) with all associated circuitry components soldered to it. At the heart of the circuit is AVR ATtiny85 microcontroller. Along with other necessary electronic components the USB protocols and power management unit the USB business card helps transfer user data to the host machine via USB port.

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Insert the card to USB slot on computer and open a text editor(Notepad), hit the Caps Lock key 3 times. The contact information will be displayed in the open editor window. These instructions are printed on the e-business card. In fact it seems this USB business card is emulating a PC keyboard and works in a similar way. Indeed a great way to show off your geekiest mindset.

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