VLC Media Player App for Android Phones Available for Testing [Pre-Alpha]

VLC Media Player Android App

The VLC Media player Android app is already under beta testing and can be expected on Marketplace soon. VLC is considered to be the big daddy of media players out there simply because it can play any video or audio format fed to it. With VLC media players available for Windows, Linux and Mac mobile apps were long-awaited. VLC did enter iOS space early this year but was removed from Apple store due to licensing issues and later hit the popular third-party Cydia store. From then on Android users have been waiting for this coolest media player to hit stores. Good news for Android users is that an enthusiast has released a self cooked version of VLC media player app for Android using the open source code and instructions available on official VLC website.

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The pre-alpha app available on his blog [link] can now be installed on Android phones. Though not recommended, if you are a VLC enthusiast eager to try the app go ahead. Note that the app is in pre-alpha stage that means only few features will work that too on selected Android phones. Also don’t expect any support for this app as it’s no way an official VLC release. As of now while testing on Nexus S this app successfully played audio and video files fed to it. Like any other media player this app sports basic features like shuffle, repeat, file categorization based on album, genres, artists etc. But as the app is in development it didn’t pull Album art info. All the screenshots are available after a break.

There are two version of this unofficial VLC Media Player available namely Neon and NoNeon based on the processor type.

Because VLC for Android makes use of the NDK (Native Development Kit), it is compiling native-level binaries that will only work on the processor class for which they were designed. This means that the same build will not work across all devices.

Use a file manager on your device or locate a file called /proc/cpuinfo via ADB and open it. Check for the words Neon or NoNeon under features. FYI Google Nexus S supports NoNeon file.

Steps to install VLC Media Player Android app:

1. Head over to Android phone settings.

Android Settings Menu

2. Under Settings select ‘Applications’ settings.

Android Settings Applications

3. If unchecked, click “Unknown Sources”. If “Unknown sources” is already checked, skip to step 4.

Android Application Settings Unknown Sources

4. Download VLC Media Player Pre-Alpha APK.

5. Open your notifications or the location where the downloaded .APK file is stored and click to install.

6. Click “Install” and then click “Open”.

7. Done!

Screenshots of VLC Media Player Android app [Pre-Alpha]:

VLC Media Player App for Android Phones
VLC Media Player Android Alpha UI

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VLC Media Player Android Alpha Video
VLC Media Player Android Video Playback

Download VLC Media Player (Neon)

Download VLC Media Player (NoNeon)

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