Win8 Orb- Internet Explorer 9 Like Start Orb Buttons for Windows 7

Win8 Windows 7 Orb

If you are in-game for tweaking Windows 7 to your liking then here is something cool. Some awesome alternatives to the default Windows 7 Orb button is here. Dubbed as Win8 for Windows 7 these Orb buttons brings forth IE9 like icons to your Windows PC.

Win8 Orb for Windows 7 is a Start Orb button for Windows 7 OS by a DeviantArt user. Win8 is available in round, square and right arrow shapes which you can use to replace default Orb button. With the Windows tweaking tools out there you can easily replace Orb button to have Win8 Orb in place. This works with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7 OS with support for the latest SP1 release.

Make sure to check out cool theme made available that blends well with these Win8 Orb icons. As a sample check this theme.

Steps to replace default Windows 7 Orb button with Win8 Orb :

1. Download Win8 Orb round, square or right-arrow buttons from links below. Unrar it to your desktop.

2. Now download and use Windows Theme Installer to replace the default Windows 7 OS explorer.exe with the Win8 Orb themed explorer.exe file. Check “Explorer.exe” and browse for the new explorer.exe (32 or 64-bit according to Windows 7 version) from Windows Theme Installer and hit install.

Windows Theme Installer

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Take ownership of the explorer.exe file you downloaded. For that download this .reg file from here and merge it to Windows 7 registry by double clicking it. Now launch Windows 7 Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del) and end explorer.exe. Browse and replace with the custom Win8 explorer.exe you just downloaded in Step 1.

Windows 7 Ownership

3. Done.

Download Win8 Orb Buttons for Windows 7

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