Windows 8 Registry Hack Enables M1 Webcam, Modern Reader, Ribbon & Task UI

Windows 8 Tweak

Windows 8 Registry Hack: If you thought that the very first leak of Windows 8 Build 7850 Milestone 1 was just a pre mature version with nothing much to offer then its time to rethink. Now Neowin is reporting that many of the rumoured features are already present in  this early build. This leaked version sports a Modern Reader, TaskUI, Ribbon UI and webcam. Earlier we reported that the Modern Task Manager by default was disabled in WIndows 8 M1 and can be enabled via registry tweak.

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The Modern Reader, webcam and UI features are disabled by default. It is believed that each of these features or connected entities will reveal more hidden Windows 8 offerings  in coming days or may be months. Go ahead and unlock these cool features by adding the following key values to registry. If you are in no mood to tweak registry manually download these .reg files and apply it.

Windows 8 Registry Hack

Windows 8 Registry Hack Unlock Windows 8 Modern Reader:


create a string value named “CLSID”, set its value to “{D3E34B21-9D75-101A-8C3D-00AA001A1652}” , then run glcnd.exe.

Windows 8 Registry Hack Unlock Windows 8 TaskUI:


and create a 32bit value “TaskUIEnabled”, set its value to “1″.

Windows 8 Registry Hack Unlock Windows 8 Ribbon UI:

create such a key in registry:


create a string value in this key called “AppID”, set its value to “{9198DA45-C7D5-4EFF-A726-78FC547DFF53}”

Now simply restart explorer and you should have the ribbon UI unlocked.

Windows 8 Ribbon UI

Windows 8 Registry Hack Unlock Windows 8 webcam.exe:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\GRE_Initialize\

create a DWORD value called “RemoteFontBootCacheFlags”, set its value to 0x100f (4111)

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