WordPress Plugin to Add Dynamic Humans.txt File to Blog Root

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By now you might be knowing what humans.txt file is and the idea behind this file. Over the years we have added robots.txt file to the root of our blogs and website for search engine bots to crawl successfully. If that was mandatory for SEO the concept of humans.txt is not for SEO but for something different.

What is humans.txt?

It’s a TXT file that contains information about the different people who have contributed to building the website.

The humans.txt file should reside next to robots.txt in the root of your blog. Unlike robots.txt file, this new humans.txt as the name suggests should include details about all the people behind the successful run of blog. You can include SEO, designers, authors, marketing team etc with details in humans.txt file. If possible, you can also add an author tag to the of the site:

By adding humans.txt to root of your blog visitors can quickly get an  idea of all contributors and few other stats of blog. While creating a text file and adding it to root of your blog is no big deal updating that with latest blog stats can be tiresome. Thats where this WordPress plugin can come handy.

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Humans Dot Text is a WordPress plugin that can automatically generate humans.txt file with stats updating automatically. The plugin includes templates for various dynamic parameters of blog like the WP version, number of posts, Theme, Theme version etc. This Humans Dot Text WP plugin will automatically update your humans.txt file with latest parameters in real-time. Now the plugin supports Active plugins, Blog authors, PHP version, WP version, Current theme, Number of posts, Number of pages etc. Being a text file you can even style it by adding ASCII graphics if you wish to.

Check out our humans.txt file generated using Humans dot Text plugin. The ASCII was generated using this online generator.

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