Best WordPress Plugins to Watermark Blog Post Images Automatically

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In an era where thousand of bloggers are flaunting daily with new blog posts its hard to keep an eye on content lifters. They not only steal content but also reproduce your images in their posts without giving credits. The easy way to curb this is by watermarking your blog post images.

Here is a list of WordPress watermarking plugins that can be used to embed text or images on your post images.

1) Watermark Reloaded

Watermark Reloaded is a WordPress watermarking plugin with easy to tweak settings page. The images on which you need watermarks and its alignment can be changed. You can add only text watermarks and the font, size and color can be changed.

Watermark reloaded wordpress

2) Easy Watermark and Images Optimize

Image Optimizer lets you optimize images and to watermark them. You can optimize the already existing images and watermark them too. This plugin supports only text watermarks and no images can be embedded on images.When you add or edit image you will see a  ”Add watermark” option to embed text on images.

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Image optimizer wordpress

3) Flexible Upload

Yet another WordPress watermarking plugin that can do the job of safe guarding your post images. This plugin can include watermark on every picture you upload. You can use an image you wish to be your watermark and put that in your “wp-content/uploads” folder ( by default ). Good to go now!

Flexible upload wordpress

4) DynPicWaterMark

DynPicWaterMark is a WordPress watermarking plugin that adds a watermark dynamically to your posted images. The advantage of this plugin is you can select whether to watermark individual images or all your images in one go. Also lets you change the watermark image and all the already existing watermarked images are refreshed automatically.

DynPicWatermark wordpress

Are you using another watermark plugin? Do let us know as comments :)

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