Working iOS 4.3 Firmware for iPhone 3G, 2G & iPod Touch 2G, 1G From Whited00r

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Apple Inc. released the updated version of their mobile OS powering iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, iOS 4.3 recently. With iOS 4.3 update Apple is now supporting iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3G, iPod Touch 4G, iPad 1 and iPad 2 only. That means for all other old versions Apple has stopped support with iOS 4.2 update being the last. But if you are desperate to have iOS 4.3 on older iDevices including iPhone 3G, 2G and iPod Touch 2G, 1G, Whited00r team has something to offer.

Whited00r team provides custom firmware cooked for older iDevices which are less powerful. They have released iOS 4.3 supporting iPhone 3G, 2G and iPod Touch 2G, 1G. The whited00r iOS 4.3 is available in full and lite versions.

Full edition includes all features (same of them can be added via our Cydia repo too), so if you want a great upgrade use this. Lite editions offer better performances since HomeScreen Wallpapers and Multitasking are not included.

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Whited00r release is based on iOS 3 and iOS 4 firmware already available. Once after whited00r team release all versions you will have option to select between these two versions for speed and features. Here is a guide on how to install whited00r custom firmware. Check this link.

Download Whited00r iOS 4.3 iPhone 3G, 2G & iPod Touch 2G & 1G.

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