Enable AirPlay on Windows PC for Wireless Streaming Audio & Video from iOS Devices

We recently published post on the best free iPad apps that supports Apple AirPlay protocol to stream audio and video from iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to AirPlay enabled Apple TV. The apps mentioned in that post lets you stream audio or video from iPad to AirPlay supported devices like Apple TV, AirPort Express and other AirPlay enabled hardware.

While Apple officially supports Mac and iOS devices including iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad as AirPlay sender, the receiver devices consist of Apple TV or AirPort Express. So, what if you want to set Mac or Windows as AirPlay receiver to stream video or audio content from iPhone or iPad. Here are some tools for setting your Windows PC as AirPlay receiver.

1. AirMedia Player (Video)

Air Media Player is a standalone tool that lets you wirelessly stream video content from iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to Windows PC. It is basically an AirPlay media player that emulates and acts as AirPlay receiver to accept video streams from iOS devices. Once after downloading and launching the media player on Windows PC you will see AirPlay enabled on iOS apps that supports it. Select your Windows PC that acts as AirPlay receiver (output source) to wirelessly stream video from iOS device.

Air Media Player to work on Windows requires .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, Bonjour for Windows (Included with iTunes, or you can download the Bonjour Print Services) and QuickTime for Windows. This tool works on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

2. Shairport4w (Audio)

Shairport4w for Windows lets you wirelessly stream audio from iOS devices. Like Air Media Player mentioned above Shairport4w can stream audio content alone from iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Install Shairport4w on Windows PC, add a network name to set and let it run in background. Now you will see AirPlay button when you launch Music app in iOS. Hit AirPlay button to choose your Windows PC that acts as AirPlay receiver edmulating Apple Airport Express hardware.

Shairport4w to work requires Apple Bonjour which is already available if you have installed iTunes. Otherwise download the Bonjour Print Services for Windows OS. Shareport4w tool supports Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.