Hidden System Files in Windows 8 Hints “Microsoft Windows Store” for Apps

The rumors surrounding a possible Microsoft app store hitting Windows 8 has been floating around. But all the rumors till date has been  exposed and proven wrong which was nothing but fake screenshots believed to generated using a chinese app. Now again the presence of app store in Windows 8 is being speculated but this time with strong evidence to back up.

A Windows enthusiast on his blog mswin has revealed that a system file and a process in Windows 8 Build 7955 points to Microsoft’s app store which may be christened as “Windows Store”. The two files under scanner are the system file WSSync.dll (Windows Store Licensing Sync Client) and the file WSService.dll (Windows Store Service) both suggesting that Microsoft app store exists. The WSService.dll file displays the following message which again backs the findings,

Provides infrastructure support for Windows Store. This service is started on demand and if disabled applications bought using Windows Store will not behave correctly.

Also in a file MSHelpUI.dll, which is a library of resources for Windows Store he managed to find skeleton description of the applications inside the store and its low resolution logo which is not clear (Upscaled version below).

Windows 8 Microsoft Store