Change Google Plus Bar Color Using Chrome Extensions

Google Plus Bar

Not many of us are happy with Google tweaking color of their toolbar that runs above all major offerings with links to recently launched Google Plus network. While this Google Plus bar itself is useful especially with notifications from Google+ that always stays on top the black color plays the spoil sport. But don’t worry as cool kids out there will always have an alternative. Here is one such tweak in the form of Chrome extension.

There exists ready-made Chrome extensions for some colors like Blue, Green, Pink and for all other colors you can tweak the script file in code package. Details are available on the developer page here. All you have to do is download the code [link] and then change the color code in contentscript.js file. And then to install the newly cooked extension on Chrome you have to open Extensions, click on “Load unpacked extension” and load the unzipped folder. Good to go.

Download Google Plus Bar Chrome extensions:

  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Green
Google Plus Bar Color